Newfoundland At Armageddon

Corporal Charles James Renouf

Charles Renouf enlisted on Sept 2 1914 and on March 23 1915 he became part of the British Mediterranean Expeditionary Force. He was a mail carrier during the Battle of Gallipoli. Mail carriers were vital as they were the only source of news for the troops.

During one of his mail runs, an artillery shell exploded next to him and buried him with debris. This was witnessed and he was unearthed by his comrades before he suffocated. He also took part in the Battle of Beaumont-Hamel and was gravely injured, lying in No Man's Land for 3 days before he could get back to the Allied Trenches.

An officer attempting to get him to medical aid was shot and killed in the attempt. He was finally evacuated to England July 3 1916 and was repatriated to Newfoundland May 4 1917.

Tony Renouf