Newfoundland At Armageddon

Robert Joseph Lahey

My grandfather, Edward Lahey and my Great uncle Robert Lahey were of the First Five Hundred. They answered the call on September 02, 1914. Reg. No 259 and Reg. No. 254.

On July 01, 1916 only one of the brothers answered the roll call. Robert was killed in action. I am told he died in his brother's arms. Robert was a brave man. He was wounded August 20, 1915 and rejoined in November 28, 1915. He was one of the 780 courageous men who advanced on the German troops at Beaumont Hamel.

My grandfather was one of the 68 who answered the roll call after the battle. He was also a brave man. He was made Lance Corporal and continued the fight. He was wounded and medically discharged on May 09, 1917. My grandfather returned home to Bell Island.

When he had a family, he named one of his sons Robert Joseph. But tragically this Robert was also killed in battle in WWII. He died June 12, 1942 on the HMS Grove. He was only 19. To honour his brother, my father, named his son Robert Joseph. And in turn Robert Joseph the third named his son Robert.

Robert, a very proud and honourable name in the Lahey family.

Diane E Lahey