Newfoundland At Armageddon

Pte Daniel Connors

My great Uncle, Pte Daniel Connors, regimental number 649, was pulled from the front lines at Beaumont-Hamel to serve in the trench battery. My understanding is that prior to major battles 10% of the personnel would be reassigned away from the front lines to act as a 'seed' and repopulate the troops in case there were enormous casualties.

After the dramatic loss at Beaumont-Hamel, he was pulled forward once again and assisted with the horrific aftermath. Nine months later Daniel went over the top at Monchy le Preux and was never seen again. Although, it is assumed he was killed on the battlefield.

A year later, a German soldier was taken prisoner and had Daniel's ID in his possession....he would not provide a reason for having the ID.


Sean Connors